16th October 2019

Welcome to Dan Byrne Yoga

I currently teach Ashtanga yoga classes in the Skipton area.

Head over to the timetable & booking page for the class descriptions, prices & booking.

Yoga is a great way to strengthen and tone the body, have fun and improve flexibility. Practicing yoga also helps calm the mind with a typical class ending in a deep relaxation.

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DBY Blog


Run Yogi Run! – Part II

Hello and welcome to part II! Assuming you’ve read part I, you’ll be familiar with what I’m doing and why I’m writing this blog. If not, you can read Part I here. A good question […]


Finding Time

One of the main barriers to practicing yoga, or anything else, is having time. ” I would but I don’t have the time”, I hear people say this a lot and I say it myself […]


Why Practice?

Why do we practice yoga? As anyone who has pondered this question will know, there are many answers which will vary from person to person and change over time. Common and widely accepted reasons are:  […]

News and Updates

Baby Break!

Hi folks, our new baby came early so I’ll not be teaching for a little while longer. Laura and I now have a daughter and we’re thrilled (and tired ????). The booking page doesn’t show [...]

Summer Break

I’m now off on my holidays but I’ll be back in time for Yoga on Thursday the 30th, hope to see you then! In the meantime here’s a classic ‘short form’ sequence from David that [...]

Snow Day!

Hi everyone, This evenings class is cancelled due to the extraordinary weather we’re currently enjoying! I’ll transfer all bookings to next week, however if this isn’t suitable then you can transfer to a different time [...]

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