Run Yogi Run! – Part I

Hi folks, my names Dan and I’m training to run a marathon for the first time. There, I said it, it’s real now.

Whilst I’m not brand new to running (I’ve been a an on/ off runner for about as long as I’ve practiced yoga), I’ve never been a ‘good’ runner by running people’s standards. I’ve happily muddled along with yearly sprint triathlons, 10k races and the odd half marathon, on a casual basis; mainly to maintain cardio fitness and to move in ways I believe complement my yoga practice.

Suddenly and for mysterious reasons (probably related the relentless march of time and an awareness of my inevitable mortality – cheerful soul that I am) I’ve now upped the ante and signed up for something I need to take more seriously if I’m not fail miserably. In order to achieve this lofty goal, I have decided to train properly…woo!

A small amount of research, and some much needed advice from my more athletic friends, has revealed that the done thing is to follow a proper marathon training plan with different paces and distances, even including the amusingly titled ‘fartleck’ training.

How does this relate to yoga you may ask? Well, the question I now seek to answer is: Will this training break me? Or might my long standing yoga practice offer a degree of support and help me to complete the training with minimal injury?

Note: For you science buffs out there, I’m aware that this isn’t a proper bona fide experiment; I don’t have a significant sample size or control group of twin siblings who run but don’t practice yoga etc. etc. What I do have however is a body and a pretty good awareness of what it’s doing, and how it’s feeling. Therefore, this will be an experiential account of training for a Marathon whilst being supported by the many splendid things yoga has to offer.

I’ll also write a bit later on about anything I find especially helpful from my yoga and body work toolkit.

Wish me luck!

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