Starting up again!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while so I thought it’s time I posted an update. As you know I’ve been on a baby break with the intention to resume my classes in Skipton as soon as things settled down. However, whilst I’ve been enjoying our baby-moon a few things have shifted behind the scenes!

Ebru Evrim is opening a dedicated yoga and pilates studio in Skipton on Coach Street and I’ve kindly been invited do my thing there on Saturday mornings at 10:00. This works better for me than the evening classes now that getting the kids to bed is a little more complex 😉

I’m very excited about the new space opening on the 24th; I think the wonderful thing about a dedicated studio is that there will be a full range of classes and teachers all in one place so students can practice with both continuity and flexibility.

It is my hope that Ebru’s studio will become a home for yoga in Skipton and I also hope I’ll see you all there.



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